Occasional Cortex taking MAJOR heat for Amazon debacle…. She is dangerously ignorant, hurting Democrats

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best comment in on the video

“and she’s only been in office 6 weeks”

think of all the damage she is gonna do

She thinks she gets to keep the 3 billion in tax subsidies NY offered Amazon.


Ocasio-Cortez Is Dangerously Ignorant, Hurting Democrats. Her repeated gaffes and protests against Democrat plans is extremely damaging and is exemplified by the collapse of the Amazon HQ2 deal in New York City.

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At first AOC took a leading role in protests against Amazon but later went on to claim that she had little to do with it at all. She cheered for the collapse of a massive investment into New York but more importantly fundamentally misunderstands basic economics.

The Amazon deal would have been historic but Ocasio-Cortez was upset that NYC was “giving away 3 billion dollars.” She claimed NYC should invest that 3B into teachers and the subway because she doesn’t seem to understand that a tax break is not the same as liquid resources to be spent.

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Republicans and conservatives are often accused of being obsessed with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but in reality they may just be using AOC against the left and Democrats to make the Democrats seem inept and insane.

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