October 2018 is the fourth worst month for investors in the 21st Century!

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by KillingTime56

The 10% correction, that has taken place in October 2018, is the forth largest stock market monthly drop since the year 2000. Here are the other monthly drops since 2000 that were over 10%:

September 2002– 10.10% loss (During a dot com recession of the early 2000s)

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October 2008- 17.48% loss (The month the investment banks went broke in the GREAT RECESSION)

February 2009- 10.53% loss (During the GREAT RECESSION)

This huge drop this month is not a simple stock market correction because it happened in such a short period of time and in a good economy. It is also very rare that the bond market drops too during a stock market correction like this month.

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