Of course: WA Democrats want to reduce criminal penalties for intentionally spreading HIV

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by DCG

This bill, HB 1551, was sponsored by originally sponsored by current Speaker of the House Democrat Laurie Jinkins and now sponsored by Democratic Rep. Eileen Cody. Jinkins is a homosexual and Cody has a background in nursing. The bill is entitled, “Modernizing the control of certain communicable diseases.”

According to MyNorthwest.comintentionally infecting someone with HIV would be lowered from a felony first degree assault to a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor, depending on the circumstances.

A man with HIV said, “Criminalizing us with a felony A for having a disease state … that’s not a banner I can get behind anymore, and frankly that doesn’t make people want to rush out and get engaged with public health.”

That’s a bit dramatic and incorrect. People with HIV weren’t criminals for merely having the disease, they were criminalized for INTENTIONALLY infecting another person with a potentially deadly disease.

Also in the bill? Allowing minors to get treatment for HIV without parental consent. I don’t know why this is in the bill as back in January, demorats passed a bill allowing teenagers to obtain “sensitive” health care services without parents’ knowledge or consent. Read that blog post here.

Read the whole MyNorthwest.com story about the HIV story here. The full text of HB 1551 is here.

Demorats are all about reducing personal responsibility (unless you own firearms) and stripping parents of their rights regarding the the health care of their children.




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