Oh Canada: Where It's Better to Be a Refugee Than a Citizen

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link to manitoba income assistance rates. Which is what the refugee income is based on.
2 adults 3 kids is $3k+. If the average refugee family is 4-5 children plus 2 adults $3600 will fall in line with the rates charted. The rates do vary province to province.
Remember that is a TAX FREE income.
I have no issue with refugees, these people come from a shit show of a country right now but the fact we have people living essentially in dirt, and refugee’s get this much financial aid over our own citizens is just wrong. I’m all down for helping people, but get some god damn priorities.
www.ctvnews.ca/politics/fact-check-do-refugees-get-more-financial-help-than-canadian-pensioners-1.2670735 www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=105&top=11
ccrweb.ca/en/pensioners-myth Only right-media reports it as fact and the left and somewhat middle-ground media reports it as a false circulation

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7 thoughts on “Oh Canada: Where It's Better to Be a Refugee Than a Citizen

  1. Well when Canada finally wakes up to this scam….it will be too late….if they DO ever WAKE UP that is. Why work when you have to support how many families and their every burgeoning families. They breed like flies you know. Canada will be a sh it hole soon enough with their do gooders in charge.

    • The Canadian government says this is not true and that the one-time initial payment is lumped with the actual monthly amount to give an amount that is much too high.

  2. The fake-liberal globalists are using the Trudeau regime to enforce population replacement in Canada.
    Canadians are being dispossessed of their own country. They will be encouraged or coerced to become migrant laborers drifting through the planet being socially engineered into a plantation controlled by the filthy rich filth oligarchy.

  3. Problem is here in Canada we have no idea who these alleged refugees are. They jumped the line over real refugees from war torn countries ie Sudan, Rwanda, Congo and the government hyper fast tracked/outsourced their security and health checks

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