Olive Garden, Chili's, etc Have Cameras and Mics On Your Table

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The Ziosk tablets on the tables have cameras and microphones built in to the top left corner of the device . Next time you visit check it out.
Its extremely creepy.
Everyone is being spyed on.
I discovered this tonight and it is very disturbing…

Call Kurtis Investigates: Are Restaurant Tablets On The Table Spying On You?

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — You can order, pay your bill and even play games on tablets some restaurants now have at the table. But one of our viewers, Howard Fergarsky noticed a camera on a tablet and wanted to know if the restaurant is watching him.
“Is this a camera or something” our undercover producer asked a Chili’s server. “Oh no, it’s not,” she answered. Despite what the Chili’s server is telling our producer, there is a camera on the restaurant’s tablet on the table.
“I found the camera. Why is it there?” Fergarsky asked. “It doesn’t need to be there.”
He and friend, Cheryl Keith are afraid restaurants like Chili’s, Red Robin and Applebee’s which now have tablets for ordering, paying for food, even entertaining your kids with games could also be spying on us, watching and eavesdropping on our conversations or listening to what we’re saying about their servers or food.
“It concerns me that we’re not seeing the hidden risks,” said Keith.

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15 thoughts on “Olive Garden, Chili's, etc Have Cameras and Mics On Your Table

  1. This article is a little silly. All tablets manufactured in the last few years have microphones and front facing cameras. Ziosk would not have custom hardware manufactured for their product. They purchase off the shelf hardware and install their own software. They would have no choice but to purchase a tablet with a forward facing camera and mic even if their software does not utilize these. This tablet likely runs and Android OS. I would be far more concerned about Google recording your visit than I would be about either the restaurant or Ziosk. If I visited a restaurant that had one of these devices installed I would either A) put it on the floor face down. B) place it face down on the table. C) place a coat over it D) place it on the seat behind my back. E) ask the server for enough tin foil to wrap around it (it likely uses a wifi connection. If I thought it could or was still able to hear my conversation I would place the headset from my phone (a blackberry) near the tablet microphone and let them listen to my music. I have no interest in allowing any third parties to record or observe my actions no matter how benign. If your phone is anything other than a blackberry with OS 10 you are a hypocrite. Just because the business has the ability to spy on you it does not mean they DO spy on you. Making claims you can not prove is hysteria at the least and makes you a false claimant at worst.

    • After ordering… Screw the coat thing!
      Spilled my coke all over your tablet. Sorry 😉
      Computers like coke as much as Superman likes kryptonite!

  2. George Orwell did warn that as technology progressed so will the spying, but even he could not foresee the invention of the microchip and the total control grid it provides for. I’m glad I’m toward the end of my life and I don’t have kids. What a truly black future awaits our descendants.

  3. This site is all about breathless paranoia, presumably to get hits on the ads. Camera/microphone combos don’t react well to “accidental” application of chewing gum…

  4. We went to a 24-hour Thai restaurant around 5 AM yesterday. …no duh, they’ve got security cameras and audio that can be zoomed in on.
    We walked and went past many stores, many had surveillance to keep insurance costs down, no duh.
    We stopped at a convenience store on the way back, …cameras, everywhere.
    Was at a gas station the day before, smoke shop, cameras, everywhere.
    It’s a good technology for security purposes, but that’s it. There should be severe penalties for using it for the the invasion of privacy. Nothing a public flogging or two wouldn’t cure.

      • No, it is called wiretapping to record someone without their knowledge in some states, don’t try and correct people when you clearly have no idea what you are talking about, it just makes you look bad!

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