OMG – RUSSIA Has Unleashed a Bomb On Syrian Rebels Even More Powerful That The MOAB!

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by Pamela Williams

This is unbelievable.  Russia has dropped a bomb on the Syrian rebels even more powerful that the US MOAB BOMB.
The below picture pretty well describes it:

This picture was taken from:
A recent report claimed that President Putin had been working on a ‘secret bomb’ that was four times as powerful as the weapon the US used to attack ISIS in an Afghan hideaway, and carries 44 tonnes of TNT. However, it’s not known if it was this bomb used in these recent airstrikes.
Russia has faced a lot of criticism over the large number of civilian casualties following its bombing of Syria. Amnesty International has accused Putin of Syrian allies of purposely targeting medical facilities when sending airstrikes to rebel-held areas.
This is just what we need right now.  This looks absolutely beyond any blast we have ever seen.  The poor people of the planet are being bombarded by the powerful governments in war games…who has the biggest bomb….so sad.  I guess Putin is showing the United States his bombs are bigger.  I just wonder how many innocent people were killed.
Last week, Putin risked pissing off President Donald Trump after dropping a number of cluster bombs on Syria.
Huge fireballs, which lit up the sky, were caught on camera over the rebel-held cities of Latamneh and Saraqeb.
The bombing took place just a few miles from Khan Sheikhoun, where an earlier sarin chemical attack prompted Trump to carry out a number of airstrikes against the Assad regime.

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35 thoughts on “OMG – RUSSIA Has Unleashed a Bomb On Syrian Rebels Even More Powerful That The MOAB!

  1. It’s interesting that the fake stream media, the US Affirmative Action Military Commands mockingbirds have not covered the story.
    They didn’t expect what I’ve told people. Russia never bluffs and cannot be intimidated. I assume some spirit cooking this Sunday got interrupted so the wiccans and cabalists can come up with some new lie to spin this. Too bad the kids being tortured and killed got interrupted, it is Easter after all.

    • Thank you for your comment, Jeffrey Spinner! So interesting! I like Putin a lot. He is defending his friend Assad as he has all along.

      • I like Putin also as over ten years ago he helped start a Christian revival in Russia. Putin loves his country men and is trying to save souls. Google photos of Putin in church. I’ve read recently the Russians have developed some fabulously, powerful new weapons. God maybe pleased.

      • And the US is defending ISIS as they have all along.War on terror is a fraud if you haven’t figured that out yet.

    • I am having a hard time typing for some reason. Jeff, you really know your stuff. Yes, this is a pissing contest that will ultimately be a no win for any of us. That is usually what the globalists offer the world. But, yeah, what next?

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  2. Hard to beleive no one blinks about the collateral damage during this pissing contest. Is this the precursor to atomic? “Well, I’ll show you, I have one bigger.”? By the time our “leaders” are done there will be nothing left of Syria but craters. Beginning to appear that is the plan, 100% depopulation for pipelines and greed.

    • Dude, a 150lb tactical nuke can be dialed from 0.5 to 15 kilotons. Thats not 44 tons or 11 tons, that’s 500 tons or 15,000 tons of TNT.
      Given the universal use of DU rounds making everything the US army shoots radioactive anyways, I don’t see the point not using them now.
      There’s nothing “depleted” about DU other than an isotope, it’s still radioactive just like regular uranium, it just can’t be enriched anymore for a weapon.
      We’re gonna be nuked first anyways, Trumps “I must be crazy” foreign policy stance begs a preemptive sucker punch, no? How much more perfect could the deniability of a global culling been made by the oligarchs?

        • There was a CFR white paper, Idr when, that said that the whole purpose of all of this was to get China and Russia in a position to annihilate the US, while the world thought they had justification to do so.
          Shazam, here it is.
          I’ve always regretted diminishing women’s dictum, “Girls just want to have fun.” Cause in the final analysis, nothing really matters, and we’re all gonna dieeeee anyways. I was taught to be a good soldier. In fact my 99th percentile on the ASVAB proves it!
          I just can’t countenance when the obvious turns out to be true.

    • I think you are right, doodaa…I don’t know how they live with themselves, but Satanists cannot do enough evil for their God.

          • This is a common theme Casara amongst those who haven’t drunk the koolaid. 20 year old people have known nothing but war and violent entertainment, ignorant music, celebrity worship, chemtrailed skies, and utter madness all their lives.
            The success of the controllers to break apart the family structure, demonize real masculinity and femininity, produce human drones absent critical thinking skills and create nearly unlivable urban environments filled with danger, deception, and rules and regulations is obvious.
            The cell phone addiction is intolerale and getting worse. Observe the amount of TV commercials where a cell phone is the center of the ad or movies where digital technology is used extensively. This is mind control of the highest order.
            I hide outin the mountains far from the nightmare blogging my love and light to help a world drowning but unable to identify help from hell.

          • Joe, that was really profoundly sad. Young people have known nothing but a chaotic world, and one has to go way up into the mountains to hide away from this constant chatter. But the thing is most young people are in school trying to cope with common core, which only confuses them further. No parent at home to help them until late at night, and then the parent or parents are so spent they, too, are abused by the system. That same system is deceptive in maintaining control over society, and we really don’t know a lie from the truth. Everyday is a grind for all of us, but there is light in the mountains, the sea, and the soft touch of love. I just wish everyone had a chance to see and feel that.

          • Excellent understanding and summation Casara. The death of a thousand cuts has us bleeding our humanity and compassion away.
            The so-called feminist movement created by the CIA and others was the most recent slash at the family structure. Getting both parents into the workplace broke the ability of children receiving understanding of boundaries and compassion.
            W are at war as you well know. But not with people of color in foreign nations but rather right here in America.

          • Hey joe, feminism destroyed the family. It’s destroyed SO effectively, they’ve moved on to the destruction of the individual or self. The whole “what gender am I” is the final attack on the self, because if you don’t even know if your a boy or girl, you’re absolutely no threat to the government.
            PS, there is no scientific basis for either transgender or born that way, gay. The study was done by two doctors at John’s Hopkins, that are unassailable. Political Correctness has NO SCIENTIFIC BASIS. Duh, it was just social warfare and subversion? Yup.
            “The 143-page paper, published this week in The New Atlantis journal, combs through hundreds of studies in search of a causal, biological explanation for sexual orientation and gender identity, but comes up empty.
            “The belief that sexual orientation is an innate, biologically fixed human property — that people are ‘born that way’ — is not supported by scientific evidence,” says the report, written by a psychiatrist and a biostatistician at Johns Hopkins University.
            “Likewise, the belief that gender identity is an innate, fixed human property independent of biological sex — so that a person might be a ‘man trapped in a woman’s body’ or a ‘woman trapped in a man’s body’ — is not supported by scientific evidence,” the report states.”

          • I’m offended by that. ????
            Good summation, a refresher course in reality. I make no claim as to any absolute theories on sexuality, gender, etc. and can only go by pragmatic knowledge. If you have a wiener, you are a guy, no wiener, a girl has been the basic criterion.
            The same sex attraction appears to as old as written history. Not sure of the percentage but I am guessing the “increase” seen is more about societal permissiveness, heightened communication tools, various agendas, etc.
            In my life experience I have had queer friends and aquaintances, men and women, and most were indistinguishable from hetro’s. No lisping or dykie costuming, just people who were same sex oriented.
            This recent faggy culture of sissy boys and bull dyke girls is more of some sort of play acting then anything real. The women who “experiment” in college I believe are just doing that cuz they can get away with it and is akin to wearing leggings or torn jeans or any other fad.

          • Correct Joe, when you see a person of any type putting on a common persona, from Goth to Gay, irrespective of them thinking they are counter culture, they are just conforming like good lemmings. Sadly, trying to become someone they can feel good about because they are too lazy or stupid to be THEMSELVES. So, take a persona off the shelf, play act, viola!
            The true rebel isn’t appearance, it is differentiated by the way they think. If you have to costume, you are vacuous. Sorry. Years and years ago, I was standing in line with one of my professors waiting for coffee at a student cafe. The barista, had a chain from her nostril, to her ear, down her neck, her back and around her waist. I was discussing something with the doctor, and I noticed that in a flash and burst out laughing, saying, “How conformist in her rebellion, [name of doctor]” He burst out laughing too. We never saw her again.
            You know the truth takes great courage to face, and sadly, every counterculture rebellion, to every lauded perversion, shows they are just useful idiots dancing to a tune made for them by their choreographers.
            Always suspect those the government lauds. Always consider those the government defames. Investigate those that the government never dares mention.
            I’m totally serious about not caring about any adults’ private behavior as long as it’s consensual and it doesn’t involve kids. Having the velvet mafia constantly putting their balls and unshaved undouched twats in my face, is a level of aggression that should have been called out decades ago.
            News flash, straight men don’t care. More pussy for us. Homosexual women go back to men 9/10 times according to what my cousin (who is a stable female homosexual and bartender noticed over the years…she’s pushing 40 something now) and no study shows me otherwise. Even Pew Research shows at most a gay population of 4% of the US. That’s amazingly small, and I think with an advanced degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, total bullshit. I live in NYC, they come here to leave the backwards places they come from. There’s not that many overall. So I wonder what do white women do? Just their Rabbits™? I’m starting to think so.
            Btw, the whole, “accept for the time in college” refrain, is also PC fiction. Not true, though there are now predatory female homosexual molesting girls and young women. Gratz, that’s not something to emulate from the worst parts of some bad men, ladies.
            Also “queer” is an aggressive reference of themselves. Those guys are militant, and usually don’t reference themselves that way unless they are trying to start trouble.

          • Wow, must have been a couple of strong coffees today. :-))
            OK, my first thing from a book I wrote…
            About five weeks after fertilization a human embryo develops a bi-potential gonad. If a Y chromosome (male) is present it orients to be a testes. If no Y by the 13th week it becomes an ovary. If Y showed up the body parts will be “male.” No Y and the parts are female. And that’s that about that.
            “Joe, when you see a person of any type putting on a common persona, from Goth to Gay, irrespective of them thinking they are counter culture, they are just conforming like good lemmings.”
            I understand costuming and trending well as an ex psychiatric socialwork specialist.
            “You know the truth takes great courage to face”
            “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. To be your own man is hard business. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. “Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936)
            “Homosexual women go back to men 9/10 times”
            Never heard of that high a number before so I can’t really comment. Seems a bit high. Perhaps your cousins experience is primarily with more aggressive NY types in bars and not fly over American women??
            “Also “queer” is an aggressive reference of themselves. ”
            My experience is most minority subcultures embrace the explitives in a very different way then PC people and racists.

    • Maybe not, joe. If they are using the thermobaric bombs to incinerate the wmds the US has placed as traps to start propaganda to attack syria, it’s good military thinking.
      Russia never beats it’s chest like a gorilla. Putin is a JUDO MASTER, judo doesn’t use bluffs or threats to defeat their opponents. They use counters, never attacking first.
      At the highest levels of martial arts, the person who attacks first LOSES. Exactly the opposite of non-trained combatants. In virtually all street fights, the person who attacks first usually wins, but they are just ferals attacking each other like gorillas.
      It took me over 20 years to get to that level of understanding. It’s passed “flow” it’s passed unconscious action and reflex. It just becomes “knowing.”

      • The insanity of of today’s world is trillions of dollars is spent on the preparation for and commitment of war in a world of starving people and the need for housing, medical help, infrastructure repair, and so much more.

        • Malthus Joe, Malthus. The world’s population was allowed to overgrow to produce the necessary scientists needed for the final push to AI.
          It has been accomplished. All the rest of the people are now surplus, except for the potential genetic mutations that serve some interesting purpose they’ve been priming for their synthetic life weapons and augmented humans.
          Policy Challenges of Accelerating
          Technological Change: Security Policy
          and Strategy Implications of Parallel
          Scientific Revolutions
          “This paper examines policy, legal, ethical, and strategy implications for national security of the accelerating science, technology, and engineering (ST&E) revolutions underway in five broad areas: biology, robotics, information, nanotechnology, and energy (BRINE), with a particular emphasis on how they are interacting. The paper considers the timeframe between now and 2030 but emphasizes policy and related choices that need to be made in the next few years to shape the future competitive space favorably, and focuses on those decisions that are within U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) purview.”
          The general writing the paper almost ejaculates his love for synthetic biology, saying there are extremely promising advances. WTF? What advances? I’m thinking “Dark Angel” kind starring that pretty billionaire chick Jessica Alba. “I wouldn’t be cast in real career making movies cause I didn’t look white enough…” Wah, now I’m a billionaire. Good job!

          • Sadly no. The oligarchs are superpredators with the emotional development of 8 year olds.
            This is not a Zeitgeist Movie moment…even that is just another false narrative focused to subvert another part of the population. Remember, propaganda is targeted to specific demographics.
            They want the whole earth as their playground with only a trivial population in the 100s of thousands and that’s it. Ever hear a kid go, “Mine, Mine, MINE!” That’s them. When you can live forever, and they predict being able to do so as early as 2030, having other people that want to live forever would be a really bad inconvenience.
            It more like this AI for all:
            Robotics are about 8 years behind the AI. The AI problem has been solved. Strong AI happened in 2016 (smarter than humans) with the evidence of the win of the professional Go player under tournament conditions, by Google’s DeepMind. Now any human function with better performance has been reduced to an engineering problem only.

          • Jeff, you are making me want to run away to Disneyland and stay there forever with my son, who passed away from me…leaving this reality behind me forever. I try to be brave and stay focused on the here and now, but it is getting harder to do looking at what is here and in the future. I think about all the children alive right now who will never know childhood. Joe said that since God said that Satan could reign over earth right now, that maybe earth is hell. I am starting to consider it, especially with AI coming toward us. We don’t stand a chance, but I am a warrior, and I will do down fighting, bleeding, and praying for home.

          • Hey, always remember, that we are custodians of our body, not it’s owners.
            Sadly, that seems to be the only reason I’m still here, I can’t self immolate, and it seems to be genetic. When I talked to docs about it, they thought that was very interesting. I said interesting how, you vicarious fk? I researched my genetic lineage, and they don’t suicide.
            Enjoy the little things. Like I’ve said before, I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, and YES being rich is better, but it’s the little things that I’ve enjoyed, everything else you get used to amazingly fast and garners no real pleasure. The best car or the “best” most beautiful woman gets du jour quickly, like god’s joke on the wealthy.
            I live for the little things, and my chance to mentor my boys. I can’t always see my boys, I’m 5 years in Family Court. It’s bad, but not like your loss. If you can have another child, that’s the most heroic act possible. Taking a chance on this Earth under conditions that say “don’t do it.”

  3. Amnesty International is a FRAUD . It is only interested in the supposed crimes of the enemy of the USA but it is not interested in the numerous crimes committed by the USA and the EU and Australia .
    About 13 years ago I visited the AI office near the centre of Sydney Australia . I was asking help and advice because my wife and I were followed , monitored and gang stalked by the ASIO ( Australian Secret Services ) .We still do no know for what reason .
    After waiting more that one hour , we were told that they could not do anything !
    AI are a bunch of BUFFOONS

    • Wow, so glad you are ok …you might have been kidnapped and snuffed out. I really thought Amnesty International was legit.

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