On Friday, the nation turned a blind eye to google’s meeting with congress. That sort of coverage doesn’t bring in ratings. But it impacts the entire world.

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Google meets with GOP, strengthening ties with the government

RT, Released on 10/1/18

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, recently met with about two dozen prominent Republican Congress people, for a couple of reasons. First, there’s the issue of bias that keeps coming up. A lot of Republicans feel like Google is very biased against conservatives, and that they bubble up liberal-leaning information in their search results. Second, the GOP wanted to question Google about why it was working with China on a censored version of the Internet while at the same time canceling contracts with the US military. Apparently, the meeting went well. Is Google preparing to become more engaged with our government? The Resident discusses.

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WASHINGTON — Google chief executive Sundar Pichai paid a rare visit to Washington on Friday to defend the search giant against allegations that it silences conservatives online, part of an effort to defuse political tensions between the company and Congress ahead of a hearing later this year.

At a gathering with a dozen Republicans, House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy of California stressed to Pichai that party lawmakers are concerned about ‘‘what’s going on with transparency and the power of social media today,’’ particularly given the fact that Google processes 90 percent of the world’s searches.


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