One of China’s Largest Banks Is Now Having Bank Runs?

If you are not familiar with the bank, it’s one of the largest banks in China, a “big 4” State Owned Enterprise (SOE) bank and the bank has a market cap similar in size to Wells Fargo around $200 billion dollars.

However, many of the people, thousands of people according to the Asian source who follows the Chinese economy closely and sent me the 15 second video, were arrested by police for trying to take out too much Chinese Yuan out of their accounts.

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So far news of this bank run was kept quiet by the Chinese government controlled state run media in mainland China.

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There seems to be very large and growing problems in the last 12 months with Japanese, Chinese, European and now American banks with Repo Madness.

If true, this bank would be the biggest bank with problems so far in the Chinese economy.