One of Google’s Top Engineers Abandons the Company, Reveals Big Tech Rewrote Algorithms for an Insidious Goal

Head of Responsible Innovation, Jen Gennai was filmed at a restaurant
The undercover clip shows her referring to the 2016 presidential election, saying: ‘What happened there and how do we prevent it from happening again?’
She said the company was stepping up to define ‘what’s fair and equitable’ as it determines how to apply its algorithms to users’ search results
She also blasted Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s plan to break up Google in the video
Gennai hit back after the video was published claiming she had been ‘tricked’ and that it had been edited to ‘distort her words and the actions of her employer’
Gennai said she was referring to stopping foreign interference in the 2020 election when she referenced ‘stopping the next Trump situation’
The tech executive said she had also received abusive messages since the film
YouTube told it took it down due to multiple privacy complaints reached out to Google and was referred to Gennai’s response
In a hearing on Tuesday, the Senate Commerce Committee examined how technology companies use algorithms and its influence on the public
Sen. Ted Cruz questioned Google User Experience Maggie Stanphill about the Project Veritas report at the hearing, which she had not yet seen for herself

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