One Of The Biggest Potential Market Miscalculations Is The Fundamental And Intentional Rejection Of Understanding Monetary History

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1/ The majority of “professionals” have not operated in increasing an #interestrate environment

2/ Many “professionals” are just #algos programmed

only for the last 30 years of data; all during declining interest rates and “modest” #inflation

3/ Many “professionals” were high schoolers or in university in 2008, have no real life understanding of #recession and no knowledge of 2000, 1998, 1987 or 1929

4/ Many have no understanding of Glass-Stegal and why it is still necessary

5/ Many have no understanding of #gold, its function or even its properties

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6/ Most have no understanding of active #investing

7/ Most have no understanding of #complexity, #leverage, interconnectedness or contagion

8/ Most have no understanding of how dominoes fall

9/ Most have no understanding of human psychology or irrationality

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