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● Shot: George Will: Today’s Germany is the best Germany the world has seen.

—The Virginian-Pilot, Tuesday.

● Chaser: Germany looks set to enter a recession after Europe’s financial giant sees unexpected collapse in industrial production.

—The London Daily Mail, Thursday.

● Hangover: Meet Europe’s Left Nationalists.

—The Nation, Thursday.

A movement in Germany that combines nationalism and socialism? What could go wrong?

(Via Small Dead Animals.)



Dear Mr. Will, Merkel’s Germany has (in no particular order):
1. Failed in its diplomatic effort to mediate and reverse Russia’s annexation of Ukraine.
2. Presided over the demise of the Bundeswehr and any hopes of a European defense identity.
3. Admitted over 1.5 million uneducated males from northern Africa and the Middle East who have no intention of assimilating German or European culture thereby changing the demographic make up of Europe forever without asking either the EU or her own constituents.
4. Been responsible for the rise of far right extremism due to her unwillingness to adopt a reasonable immigration policy.
5. Chased the UK out of the EU due to her insistence that the rest of the EU take its “fair share” of Germany’s immigrants right before the vote on Brexit.
6. Attempted to bully the rest of the EU to support Germany’s economic, social, foreign, environmental, and immigration policies thereby alienating all of Eastern Europe.
7. Banned sensible energy policy (no nukes) so that Germany’s CO2 output has risen as a result of its need to burn more coal while it lectures the U.S. on abandoning the Paris Accord.
In other words, she has been the worst Chancellor since…

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