One-Percenter Pelosi Bathing in Her "Crumbs"

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If they are “crumbs” then she should be fighting to get us something more substantial. But that’s not what she did, she voted against even letting us have these “crumbs”. Nancy Pelosi can f*ck off.
I used to work in banking. You would be amazed at the number of people who could drastically improve their financial standing by having an extra $1,000 cash.
1) Dave Ramsey recommends everyone have bare minimium $1,000 in a savings account as an “emergency fund” for when things break like refrigerators or car repairs, rather than put them on a credit card.
2) A lot of families that experience a few months of hard times such as temporary job loss can fall behind on a mortgage and car payments, which can average $1,000 and $500 per month, respectively. These “crumbs” could prevent a foreclosure or repossession while a family is trying to recover financially.
3) Speaking of credit card debt, a lot of people pay for things like Christmas presents and vacations using credit. Not smart, but people don’t want to disappoint their loved ones and bite the bullet. $1,000 would help either prevent the debt or help pay it down. I’m sure there’s also a lot of people out there who would love to apply $1,000 to their student loan debt.
4) $1,000 can buy a lot of new electronics, including the new iPhone, or a 60″ TV, or quality laptop/PC. These devices can last several years, and are often purchased in payments with interest rather than with cash.
5) Let’s say I don’t need the money. I know a lot of charities in my city/state that could use the money to help others in need.
6) Ebay lists autographed copies for The Art of the Deal at roughly $180, meaning I could get five copies for my immediate family and have enough left over to cover shipping!
So yes, Pelosi can indeed f*ck off.
h/t Foobzy

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See also  Pelosi refuses to answer if a 15 week unborn baby is a human being

2 thoughts on “One-Percenter Pelosi Bathing in Her "Crumbs"

  1. Why does no one mention “Mad Max” Waters, living in an elite wealthy neighborhood that isn’t even in the District she “Repre…dents”? Can’t wait to see how bad she gets slaughtered online in the next 3 days. When she names President Trump(personally) in any context, everyone takes a shot. When she says “racist”, 1/2 shot(because there is only so much booze), when she says “impeach”, open a new bottle.

    • She lives in luxury and too many of us in hell, because we let her. Stop here.
      She will never stop on her own. Therefore. stop her COLD – STONE DEAD…

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