One step closer to war with the China. “The CCP is Crushing the World’s Freedoms” Pompeo

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“Secretary Pompeo: We don’t stay still while Communist China tries to crush the world’s freedoms.”

The CCP lied to the world and allowed the spread of COVID-19, which is nothing less than a biological attack on the rest of the world.

China has land disputes with 21 countries, some of which do not even border them. They are threatening to seize Taiwan. They already seized Tibet. They are colonizing Africa. They are claiming ownership over a large international body of water that is shared by several other nations. They are even expanding their claims over Mt. Everest!

China is a hyper-aggressive dystopian power with ambitions of expansion. They are waging war on the rest of the world as they please. They need to be crushed and never allowed to rise again, no matter the cost.

The future cannot be entrusted to them. Fire the nukes and salt the Earth.



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