Oregon bureaucrats applies rules when as suits them

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by DCG

Federal immigration laws? Forget about them. Oregon is a sanctuary state so the rules don’t apply to illegal aliens in that state.

Large gatherings (such as weddings) during Wuhan virus? Nope. Those are only allowed if you join a very large “peaceful” protest.

One hundred days of rioting? That’s OK.

Looting and destroying private and public property? That’s A-OK as well.

Yet the Oregon GOP filing a voter statement 29 seconds too late? Sorry, that won’t be allowed to make it to the voter pamphlet because the deadline rules “apply equally to everyone.”

Isn’t THAT rich?

Apparently the GOP waited until 4:59 on August 25 (deadline was 5:00 that day) to file their statement. One of the reasons the GOP statement was late? They were locked out of the online filing system for several hours, delaying the party’s ability to file its statement.

KGW8 reports that the GOP statement said, “Had enough? Vote Republican!” It attacked Democratic leadership in Oregon on issues ranging from “Unrestrained rioting” in Portland to mismanagement of the pandemic resulting in “catastrophic small business losses.”

The Oregon GOP has filed a lawsuit in Marion County to get their statement in the pamphlet before it goes to print later this month.

Read all the details here.



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