Oregon Counties Vote To Secede from Liberal-Controlled State

After months of watching the word “Oregon” become synonymous with “anarchy” and “violence” thanks to left-wing rioting in Portland, voters in two of the state’s counties did something about it.

On Election Day, voters in Jefferson and Union counties passed a referendum to secede from Oregon and affix them to neighboring Idaho, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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“It’s a conservative-values situation,” Mike McCarter, a leader of the group Move Oregon’s Borders, told The Bend Bulletin in March.

“It’s not necessarily politics,” he said. “It’s urban vs. rural. I think the bigger problem people have is the state Legislature doesn’t listen to rural Oregon. Their policies and decisions are based off the urban people in the Willamette Valley.”

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McCarter, a retired plant nursery worker and firearms instructor, said he does not expect instant secession.