Oregon Freemasonic Police Brutality against HOMELESS Captured on Video by Local NBC Affilliate

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DETROIT, Ore. — A sheriff’s deputy can be seen repeatedly punching a local transient during an arrest Monday morning outside of a Marion County search-and-rescue command center for a missing father and son.

The arrest was caught on video by KGW.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office addressed the incident in a written statement Monday afternoon, saying they “are reviewing that video along with all other documentation and reports related to the incident.”

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The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon also weighed in, calling on the Marion County District Attorney’s Office to launch an investigation into the incident.

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“That video is disturbing. It’s violent. Honestly, if that does not represent excessive use of force, I’m not quite sure what does,” said David Rogers, executive director of the Oregon ACLU.







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