Oregon Tyrant Kate: NO – Closed county people can’t go shop in open counties!

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Here is a predicament that we in no ways minimize or trivialize for its complications.  The Portland tri-county area is still under lockdown restrictions while most of the other counties around it, and around the state, are moving into re-opening phase.   This poses a big problem of how do you manage life between the counties.

The Oregonian reported,

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“Can I leave the Portland area to get a haircut in another county or visit the beach?

The governor said Thursday the answer is no, although it doesn’t appear she plans to enforce that.

Brown asked Portland-area residents to hold tight and resist the urge to drive to another county to get a haircut, dine out at a restaurant or visit a tourist sites….Brown also said police won’t be stopping Portlanders who are heading out for a visit to the coast, but she asked that metro area residents respect her direction, which is meant to lessen the spread of COVID-19. “



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