Oregon’s U.S. Attorney Tells Media Their Distorted Portland Riots Coverage Is Part of the Problem.

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via legalinsurrection:

When it comes to setting the record straight on the anarchy and destruction happening in Portland, U.S. Attorney Billy Williams is not messing around.

Williams, who is the chief federal law enforcement official for Oregon, recently gave an interview outside Portland’s battered Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse where he took the wind out of the sails of a few reporters who had an angle to push.

The video of the interview, which I’ve linked below, is worth watching in its entirety. Here are some of the highlights:

When he was asked by one reporter what it was going to take to “turn the tide” in Portland, Williams made it clear that it wasn’t up to law enforcement to come up with the solution to end the violence. Instead, he said, it was up to the community:

WILLIAMS: Yeah, so what I think it’s gonna take, this has to be a community solution. It’s not a law enforcement solution, we’re responding, dealing with it, protecting this property just like the city police are protecting city property, but any real solution to stop the mindless violence that goes on has to come from the community, and I include various community leaders, faith leaders, business leaders working with whoever wants to join in a coalition – whatever you want to call that, the coalition of the willing, whatever.

After acknowledging that this was a time in our nation’s history where “lawful protesters” all over the country are calling for change, Williams told the gaggle of reporters in attendance that the “mindless violence” will not get them anywhere. He also said the violence had been “politicized,” which he believes “enables this to continue because no one in their right mind thinks this is okay.”


IS THIS WHAT PEACEFUL PROTESTS LOOK LIKE? Here’s the Portland Courthouse After Night 61.

Wednesday night marked the 61st straight night of violent antifa riots outside the federal courthouse in Portland, Ore. Rioters threw the first mortar firework just before 11 p.m., and federal law enforcement cleared the area in the wee hours of the morning.

KGW News photojournalist Eric Patterson toured the area just in front of the federal courthouse and captured a video of the graffiti, burnt trash, and various signs of violence from the night before.

Let’s just say this wasn’t exactly a “peaceful protest.”



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