Origins of Trump Dossier – It Was Compiled By Company Hillary Clinton Hired To Dig Up Dirt On Trump – FBI Involved – Now It Is Being Seen For What It Is.

by Ruby Henley
I have known through study that the Trump Dossier is a fake, and I am thrilled to see that the respected WASHINGTON EXAMINER and author Byron York is questioning it. In his article, York explains that Republicans are also suspicious of the same.  How could they not be?
We know that the firm FUSION GPS is deeply buried  in this.  This same firm was hired by Clinton to dig up “dirt” on Trump, the DNC to examine the so-called “hacked server”, and it was actually taken seriously by the FBI.  In fact, it is alleged that the FBI was involved in hiring the fake spy Christopher Steele to create the fake dossier.
This is, in fact, very difficult for those of us with an intellect to believe.  We simply don’t believe a word of this concocted story by those, who had the goal of setting President Trump up for failure.
The following has been taken from:  QUOTE:
The Trump dossier is one of the most important and least understood elements of the Trump-Russia affair. It is important not just because its allegations are, as former FBI director James Comey said, “salacious and unverified,” but because it:

  1. It appeared to offer evidence for some of the most sensational accusations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians;
  2. It involved a pro-Clinton organization paying investigators who paid Kremlin-linked Russians for allegations about Trump; and
  3. It set Comey and Trump on a collision course when Comey chose to brief Trump about the dossier in a one-on-one meeting when Trump was president-elect.

One key talking point whenever the dossier is discussed is that it “started with Republicans,” that is, it was originally commissioned in fall 2015 by a GOP donor who hired a dirt-digging firm called Fusion GPS to look into candidate Trump. The story, now widely told, appears to come from what a “person familiar” with the dossier told the New York Times in January of this year:
The story began in September 2015, when a wealthy Republican donor who strongly opposed Mr. Trump put up the money to hire a Washington research firm run by former journalists, Fusion GPS, to compile a dossier about the real estate magnate’s past scandals and weaknesses, according to a person familiar with the effort. The person described the opposition research work on condition of anonymity, citing the volatile nature of the story and the likelihood of future legal disputes. The identity of the donor is unclear.END OF QUOTE
I knew from study that the report was created by the firm FUSION GPS, but I had read Clinton had hired it done. The above is not naming her directly.  They are using the word, “donor.”  Not only that, they are saying “a wealthy Republican donor” actually originally hired it done.  This is nothing I have read before, and it is very troubling.
QUOTE:  After Mr. Trump emerged as the presumptive nominee in the spring, the Republican interest in financing the effort ended. But Democratic supporters of Hillary Clinton were very interested, and Fusion GPS kept doing the same deep dives, but on behalf of new clients.END OF QUOTE
The article goes on to say, and this is very troubling to me that “the GOP-begun dossier originally was conventional opposition research involving Trump’s business dealings — it was not about Russia.”
“At about the same time, Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee was in the news, and Glenn Simpson, the former Wall Street Journal reporter who runs Fusion GPS, shifted the Trump dossier project to Russia, hiring former British spy Christopher Steele for the job. So the Democratic part of the dossier story was the attempt to dredge up information on Russia.”
Further, I did not know that Fusion GPS was owned by Glenn Simpson formerly of the WALL STREET JOURNAL!  This more troubling as more characters are involved than I had previously thought.  Here we are seeing party lines blurred, and it is becoming more difficult to distinguish between “trusted” and “non-trusted” parties.
According to the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, some Republicans do not believe this story.
QUOTE:  “I don’t believe the mad Republican donor theory,” said Mike Murphy, the veteran strategist who ran Jeb Bush’s $118 million super PAC, noting he never used Fusion GPS and had no inkling that it was conducting oppo for a big GOP donor. “We had the biggest share of Republican major donors,” Murphy continued. “They all gossip. One guy is for Christie, his partner is for Bush. They all talk to each other, and I think I would have heard about it. And I didn’t.”END OF QUOTE
According to Jeff Roe, who ran the Ted Cruz campaign, he said this: “Nobody ever brought this up, total BS.”
John Weaver of the John Kasich campaign said the following:  “No one ever approached us, no one offered to help us.  No one associated with the Kasich campaign had anything to do with it.”  Weaver learned of the dossier when it was reported in the PRESS.
An anonymous official said, “I never heard anything about it.  Never.”
In addition,  “I just can’t fathom that I wouldn’t have heard beforehand,” Terry Sullivan told me. “Go back to where we were all at in March, April, May, as a party — the one unifying factor of everybody I knew was, ‘Dear God, how are we going to stop this guy?’ It would have come out.”
It appears to me, as I thought, this is just a scam to hurt President Trump.  I know that there are some on Capitol Hill, who know this is a fake dossier.
QUOTE:  Grassley pressing FBI’s McCabe in Trump-Russia dossier case.
In a March 28 letter, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, told FBI Director James Comey he wants a detailed description on the involvement of Deputy Director McCabe in the investigation of Russian ties to Trump associates.
Grassley also wants to know whether McCabe’s involvement in the probe “raises the appearance a conflict of interest in light of his wife’s ties with Clinton’s associates” and whether it would merit McCabe recusing himself from the investigation.
Grassley was referring to McCabe’s wife having accepted $700,000 in political contributions facilitated by Hillary Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe, the Virginia governor, for her state Senate run.END OF QUOTE
QUOTE:  The Committee requires additional information to fully understand this situation.  Please provide the following information and respond to these questions by April 11, 2017:   

  1. Has Mr. McCabe been involved in any capacity in the investigation of alleged collusion between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia?  If so, in what capacity has he been involved?  When did this involvement begin?   
  2. Has Mr. McCabe been involved in any requests or approvals for physical surveillance, consensual monitoring, searches, or national security letters relating to the investigation?  If so, please provide all related documents.   
  3. In the course of the investigation, has Mr. McCabe been involved in any requests or approvals relating to the acquisition of the contents of stored communications from electronic communication service providers pursuant to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act?  If so, please provide all related documents.   
  4. Has Mr. McCabe been involved in any FISA warrant applications relating to the investigation?  If so, in what capacity?  Please provide all related documents.   
  5. In the course of the investigation, has Mr. McCabe, or anyone under his supervision, made any representations to prosecutors or judges regarding the reliability of information in the FBI’s possession as part of seeking judicial authorization for investigative tools?  Has he or anyone under his supervision made any such representations about the political opposition research dossier compiled by Mr. Steele and Fusion GPS?  If so, please explain and provide copies of all relevant documents.   
  6. Was Mr. McCabe involved in any FBI interactions with Mr. Steele?  If so, please explain.  
  7. Did Mr. McCabe brief or otherwise communicate with anyone in the Obama administration regarding the investigation?  If so, who did he brief, and when?  Please provide all related documents.   
  8. Has Mr. McCabe been authorized by the FBI to speak to the media, whether as an anonymous source or otherwise, regarding the investigation?  If so, please provide copies of such authorizations.  If he was so authorized, to whom did he speak, and when?  If he was not authorized to do so, does the FBI have any indication that he nonetheless spoke to the media?  
  9. To the best of your knowledge, has anyone within the FBI raised concerns within the Bureau that Mr. McCabe appears to have a conflict of interest in the investigation of Trump associates?  If so, who raised such concerns, when did they do so, and how did the FBI respond?
  10. To the best of your knowledge, has anyone within the FBI filed a complaint with the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General regarding Mr. McCabe’s involvement in the investigation?     
  11. Have personnel from the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General spoken with you yet as part of that Office’s investigation into Mr. McCabe’s alleged conflict of interest in the Clinton investigation?  If so, did they also raise concerns as to whether Mr. McCabe’s alleged partisan conflict would also apply to the investigation of Mr. Trump’s associates?   
  12. Has anyone at FBI, the Department of Justice, or the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General recommended or requested that Mr. McCabe recuse himself from the investigation of Mr. Trump’s associates or from any ongoing investigations of the Clinton Foundation?  If so, what action was taken in response?  END OF QUOTE

I believe Chuck Grassley will get to the bottom of this “fake dossier” story, and President Trump will be vindicated as far as this is concerned.  If this does, in fact, occur, I will have renewed faith in some of those in Government.  I believe Chuck Grassley is one of the good guys.

H. A. Goodman