Our Country Is Run By Evil Morons…

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HOWIE CARR: Felon’s flight show’s Biden’s border policy in action.

Until January, it was routine to deport violent foreign criminals as soon as they finished their prison sentences. The feds slapped a detainer on the thugs and grabbed them up as they were released from custody.

It was standard operating procedure — common sense. What kind of nation allows foreign career criminals to remain in a civilized society?

Lucky for Solano, common sense vanished when Dementia Joe Biden became president. When he was released from prison, Solano’s detainer was lifted, and now he’s vanished.

Crisis by design. Plus:

But wouldn’t it be a tragedy to separate this undocumented Democrat from his family? You know, like the son he was convicted of beating in 1999 with a belt, leaving him with “black eyes, bruising on his neck and thigh, as well as a large bruise the size of a softball on his torso.”

Earlier, he was charged in Merced County after his then-wife told deputies that he “poured gasoline on her as she lay in bed. Holding a lighter, he told her, ‘If I can’t have you, nobody will.” When she tried to run out of the room, the defendant grabbed her by the arm and stated, ‘We’re both going to die.’”

But the charges were dismissed, as they so often are with illegals, because … celebrate diversity.

JEFFREY CARTER: They Are Morons. “Our current occupants of the White House are truly dumb. They aren’t intelligent in the least. There are people that you will meet in the average grocery store line that have more intellect, and are more thoughtful than those two. That occurred to me when watching this response to a question on inflation.”

They weren’t selected for their intellects, or their independence, or for their principles. Rather the reverse.

See also  Making hard choices today is actually more humane to the old/poor of the future, or the country that may need our military support 10 years from now.

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