Our generation got royally screwed by the political correctness movement guys, seriously, don’t be afraid to speak up and be yourself even if you end up being annoying to some people.

Sharing is Caring!

by theinfinitelight

Political correctness is pretty much when you keep your mouth shut so that you don’t offend any Karen’s in the room.

It’s what this world is turning into, people are afraid to speak out and say what’s on their mind these days because of it, and so what you have now is a room full of quiet pussies too afraid to call someone a pussy because it might be sexist.

People aren’t talking to each other nowadays in public, we do not have intelligent discussions with people we meet outside of our houses anymore, most people just mind their own business these days and it’s incredibly boring. We have free speech, we can say whatever we want, and so we should start speaking what is on our minds so that at least somebody continues the tradition of having intelligent discussions, seriously, it’s like philosophy is becoming a lost art, we all have intelligent thoughts about the world around us, but almost no opportunities to share them with other people, and when the opportunity is there, most people are too scared to sound stupid in front other people or risk offending someone with their thoughts and feelings.

We are so lucky to have the internet, without the internet 99% of us wouldn’t know about awesome things like the lost city of Atlantis, and we wouldn’t learn about many amazing people from history like Nikola Tesla, because who is going to go read about that kinda shit in a library and then bring it up at a party? Most people are not going to talk about nerdy things like wireless energy inventions and water powered cars and many of the cool things we talk about here, they talk about football and sports and politics…

So what I’m trying to say is, try to be more outspoken, and don’t be afraid to be annoying, because many people want to hear about the interesting things you know, so don’t be afraid to be heard, say what’s on your mind even if it ends up sounding dumb or offensive.

Don’t let them silence us, we are probably the most knowledgeable people who have ever existed thanks to the internet, share with others what you have learned, talk to people about intelligent subjects, don’t just live your whole life only ever having small talk about unimportant subjects, your mind is powerful, and we have access to so much information that we can change the world if we start working together, but we have to start talking to each other first.




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