OUT: TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME. IN: Tucker Carlson Derangement Syndrome.

via theothermccain:

Do you see how the rage at Tucker Carlson — from Megan Garber, from Brian Stelter, from every other liberal journalist inside whose head Carlson has been living rent-free for months — is driven by fear? If these liberals were really confident in the effectiveness of their influence, if they really believed they were capable of persuasion and that the facts were on their side, why would they care what Tucker Carlson says?

I don’t lose any sleep over the fact that millions of people watch Rachel Maddow. It doesn’t bother me that people I disagree with have TV shows with enormous audiences. As much as I despise the New York Times, I haven’t organized a campaign to get them kicked off Twitter.

What bothers Megan Garber is the haunting fear that most people aren’t really buying what she’s selling.

Hence the efforts to bully and marginalize anyone who dares point it out.

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