OVER 5 FEET OF SNOW IN 36HRS in Erie Pennsylvania. State Emergency Declared. Snow Forces National Guard Onto Streets

OVER 5 FEET OF SNOW IN 36HRS in Erie Pennsylvania. State Emergency Declared
Snow continues to fall in Erie, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas that already have seen a record amount of snow over the past few days, prompting a emergency declaration. A Christmas storm brought more than 60in of snow to a Pennsylvania city, forcing officials to declare a state of emergency.
Erie was hit by 60in (150cm) of snow on Christmas and Boxing Day, with a record total of 34in (86cm) recorded on December 25.
The city and nearby areas in the state were blanketed as motorists that “roads are and impassable”. Emergency management coordinator Dale Robinson says that will allow officials to bring in some National Guard resources with forecasters predicting more snow Wednesday. Metereologists said the heavy snowstorm was the result of lake-effect snow, which forms when cold air passes over a warm body of water.
Cars and homes were buried by the snow, with some locals forced to shovel their way out. No residents of Erie, a city of 99,000 people according to recent U.S. census estimates, have been publicly reported as being injured in the storm.
Snow piled up in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday after two days of record-breaking snowfall that had already surpassed 5 feet (1.5 meters), breaking city and state records, according to the National Weather Service.
Though residents are used to winter snow squalls blowing in from adjacent Lake Erie, which straddles the border with Canada, the Christmas storm is already one for the ages. Snow Snowstorm Storm Winter Snowing Pennsylvania Erie Roads Road Driving “Winter Tires” Ice Home “Buffalo New York” “Lake Erie” USA U.S. America Cold “wind Chill” Chill Weather “Extreme Weather” “ice cold” holiday Record Supplies Food Water Driveway “weather report” Conditions Snowfall “Icy Roads” Freezing “East Coast” temp family skiing snowboarding “winter season” “This is an incredible amount of snow that we’re trying to move,” the said in statement after the city declared a “snow emergency” on Tuesday, imploring people to stay off the streets. By Tuesday evening, meteorologists had counted at least seven different city and state records broken by the storm. The airport in Erie, Pennsylvania, has had a whopping 65.1 inches of snow from this lake effect event — the highest snowfall total from any event on record in Erie. (Heavy lake effect snow is produced by cold Arctic air moving over relatively mild water temperatures in the Great Lakes.)
Now, with over 100 inches of snow in December, this has become Erie’s snowiest month on record. The upstate New York town of Redfield has seen 62.2 inches of snow since Christmas Day, making it the highest two-day snowfall on record for Oswego County, New York. In some of New England it will feel like 20 to 30 degrees below 0 Thursday morning, and it’s expected to feel like minus-33 degrees in Burlington, Vermont. Wind chills will even be below 0 in New York City Thursday morning. Sunday morning wind chills are forecast to be minus-30 to minus-40 degrees in the Northern Plains and well below 0 degrees yet again in New England. In Washington, D.C., and New York City the wind chill will be around 0 degrees.
The 34 inches (0.86 meters) that fell on Christmas Day alone was a new record for any single day in Erie, handily beating the 20-inch record set back in 1956, the National Weather Service said.
Another two to four inches of snow were forecast for Wednesday, with up to 6 inches in some places. No residents of Erie, a city of 99,000 people according to recent U.S. census estimates, have been publicly reported as being in the storm, though some have complained to local news outlets about how long it takes to shovel out their driveways this week.
along with some all-terrain vehicles to the region on Tuesday to help residents dig out, check on people’s well-being and transport school open closed around the area.
Snow Forces National Guard Onto Pennsylvania Streets
Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper signed a declaration of disaster emergency early Tuesday afternoon, followed by a call on the National Guard to help alleviate safety concerns and road impasses.
Mayor Joe Sinnott told GoErie that the city had been watching the weather and was prepared for the storm but not for the magnitude of snow.
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