Over A Billion In Losses For China Due To Movies? What’s Next?

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by poland626

So, Hollywood reporter just released an article saying all movies are cancelled basically. I mean, who wouldn’t do that? A tiny room with hundreds of people for 2 hours is virus central! They even showed this in 1995’s Outbreak for crying out loud!.

So, with, according to the article, they’re expecting to lose $1 Billion in a week due to this delay. What other businesses are being shut down and closed right now due to this virus? Is every large public event also closed? Malls too? I know we don’t have much info, but If $1 Billion can be lost in 1 week due to movies, what else are they losing? Are there factories that have to shut down too now?


Did you watch the clip of the movie from 1995? Here, in case you missed it.

2 hours sitting in a closed room of hundreds of people coughing and breathing germs? That clip was from 1995 and theyre trying to PREVENT scenarios like that. Its a real threat imo

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