Papers Please…The next frontier in air travel: Digital passports as proof of vaccination

All travelers who want to fly to the U.S. are required to present proof of a negative Covid-19 test. For now, that proof takes the form of a printout of a test result, or a photo of that result — creating opportunities for misunderstandings or potential fraud. Newly launched digital initiatives are hoping to clear up any ambiguity, standardize information, and share it securely.

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International travel is likely to be the first industry to employ new digital passports. One of the first flights to trial a new “digital passport” embedded with vaccination information and test results took off Thursday morning, a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Istanbul.

Fliers log in to the Travel Pass app using FaceID on their smartphone, then take a selfie to authorize access. They can then scan their passport using the camera on the phone. From there, passengers can add their itinerary, vaccination certificates, and Covid-19 test results.

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