Passive investors! 142 different #ETFs have #Facebook $FB within their top 15 holdings…. FANG stocks are becoming increasing risky to own for the long-term

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#Facebook just lost the equivalent of:

The entire #Bitcoin market cap 🥇

Almost the entire NYS 2018 budget (168B) 🗽

More than the entire market cap of #Nike (126B)👟

More than the entire #GDP of Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 (129B)

h/t @OccupyWisdom

I think there is strong evidence both in present times, and in the past (nifty fifty etc) that a few market leaders are responsible for the returns. When these turn, they do so rapidly. Facebook could be the CISCO of the modern era.

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As FANG stocks accelerate they are becoming increasing risky to own for the long-term. Keep in mind the 50/80 rule. When a secular leader makes a major top, there’s a 50% chance it will drop 80% and an 80% chance it will drop 50%.
$CSCO was a “FANG” name of the 1990’s

What the #Facebook crash tells us about #inflation, asset valuations and #currency debasement.

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– $14 billion of 1929 is around $200 billion today.
– One stock’s one day loss is equivalent to most multinational’s entire market cap

Zuckerberg & Sandberg fraudsters dumping before $FB Collapse


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