Patience is the key for Successful Trading

One of the biggest dangers new Forex Traders face is jumping in too fast.  Forex Trading is so exciting, especially to new enthusiastic traders that it is extremely easy to get carried away.  Day traders trader can see success quickly and therefore get so excited to do more and more that they do not stop to think about important techniques like risk management.  


Patience first comes in to play when testing your strategy.  It takes time to see if your strategy is working. Even though you might be confident and eager to get started making money already, if you move too quickly into trading with actual funds, you can experience disaster.  One of the most important factors in successful Forex Trading is having a tried and tested trading strategy and the only way to do that is to test your strategy over time. Use your brokers demo trading extensively. Test your strategy in many different market conditions.  Develop both your strategy and your skills with practice. Lots and lots of practice. See what works and what doesn’t. Tweak your strategy. Test it again. And again. Reassess and tweak again. This takes time and patience which can be difficult but will pay off in the end.  

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Patience is also key to learning how to trade well.  Learning how to read the charts and how to use the platform takes time and effort.  It is important to spend time learning all the benefits of the platform you are using and how to take advantage of them.  Forex has its own language and becoming fluent in that language will make you a more successful trader. Learning new skills and information well enough to use them can take a long time but it will pay off in the end.


Wait for the right moment.  Only after testing and perfecting your strategy will you know what that right moment is.  Research and learn how to determine what is the best time to enter into a trade.  Wait for that moment, even if it takes a while. Then wait for the right time to exit that trade.  You want to get rich. Every trader does. It might seem like Forex trading will enable you to do that quickly, but the truth is you have a much better chance of finding wealth in the Forex Market when you are patient and disciplined.  


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Fear of losses can cause traders to act impatiently.  Acting on fear and hurrying to leave when a trade starts heading for a loss can be impulsive and cause you to lose money rather than riding out the down and waiting until the market corrects itself.  It is just as important to learn to wait for profitable trades to reach their maximum potential. The excitement of a successful trade will make you want to cash out quickly, especially if you are seeing a great financial gain.  It is entirely possible that if your system is good and you stick to it, rather than acting on excitement, you can be more profitable. Patience is a virtue. Remember that.




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