Patrick J. McShay – “Bill Gates’ Medical Mafia And Their Plan To Vaccinate The World”

by Patrick J McShay

“Control oil and you control nations,
control food and you control the people.”

— Henry Kissinger- Eugenicist and Foreign Policy Advisor

“The New World Order is here and sovereign
nations must recognize China’s dominance.”

— Tony Blair -Former Prime Minister of England and War Criminal

“Mass public gatherings will not come back
at all until we have mass vaccinations.”

— Bill Gates- Unelected Billionaire and college dropout

The globalist sharks are circling America like a hungry Hammerhead since Trump allowed a cabal of Bill Gates’s minions in white coats to lock down the population and shut down the economy.

Doctors Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, both of whom have received tens of millions of dollars from Bill Gates, walked into Trump’s office with models and projections from another Gates minion, British Epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, and told him millions would die if he didn’t shut the country down. Not knowing at the time that these models and projections were so far removed from reality that throwing darts at numbers on a dartboard blindfolded would likely have been more accurate.

Dr. Birx, whose medical license is expired, reviewed several models for this outbreak but presented disputed models and projections to Trump that were funded by Bill Gates! reported that Birx also sits on the board of a global foundation that has received $2 billion from Mr. Gates.

Dr. Fauci has received a $100 million grant from Bill Gates.  The vaccine company he is pushing, “Moderna Therapeutics”, received $20 million from Mr. Gates in 2016. When you do a deep dive into this virus, Bill Gates is everywhere, including the Wuhan Bio-Lab, and every other Bio-Lab on the planet, which is why blaming China is a red herring.

The cat is out of the bag, Mr. President, Dr. Fauci is a rat! You need to investigate Bill Gates, stop having tea at the White House with his minions, and get a new team whose solutions don’t involve forced vaccines that include a quantum tattoo that will mark us with an invisible identifier.  They are swiftly destroying our country!

Then, when you throw in the fact that 60% of the COVD-19 deaths have occurred in only 4 states, and that of the overall death toll, 60% were in nursing homes, and a recent Pentagon study showed that those who got a flu vaccine increased their risk of getting this virus by 36%, making this look more like a New World Order agenda than a reason to bankrupt a nation.

Fox News recently reported that in the last decade ending in 2018 the US Government spent $100 billion on pandemic preparedness, the bulk of it was spent during the Obama Administration. While the media continues to point the finger at China being behind this virus, no one is pointing a finger at Bill Gates, his foundation, and the global health cabal that is funded by Gates whose fingerprints are all over this pandemic.

Researcher Polly St. George aka “Amazing Polly” has done some great work linking Bill Gates to a network of global players in Bill Gates’s Global Public Health Mafia. This is a must-watch video from Polly exposing the major players in this Plandemic. These are the suspects who should immediately be investigated. Trump needs to turn off Fox News and watch Polly, and he should start with this video!

The Jerusalem Post reported on Monday that Bibi Netanyahu suggested that, using new technology, the Israeli Health Ministry might use sensors implanted in children before they can return to school. Was he soft-peddling Bill Gates’s tracking chip? Israel is already a full-blown police state and the Israeli police responding to inquiries said, “Once finalized, the procedure would not be disclosed to the public.

John Sigurdson reported recently that New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio announced that he won’t open the city until September, and he also said he’d like everyone to be tracked before being allowed out regularly. How will New Yorkers react to this insanity?

How will Democrat voters react in the voting booth this November after seeing Democrat politicians continue these lockdowns in light of the new evidence that has come to light? Everything Dr. Fauci has said he has been wrong, and despite what he says, the extreme response that he has recommended has never been about science!

Pennsylvania is still under lockdown despite the fact that two-thirds of the state’s deaths were in nursing homes. Pneumonia deaths are down this year because they are being counted as COVID-19 deaths. Lying about the numbers isn’t science, it’s an agenda!

Despite the fact that the deaths from this virus have been no different from a normal flu season; and we know that these numbers are exaggerated because of the letter sent to doctors from the CDC instructing them to count deaths of many of their patient’s as COVID-19 deaths without bothering to test them.

James O’Keefe with Project Veritas found, after talking to a number of funeral directors, that almost all of the death certificates they have received show COVID-19 as the cause of death. Dr. Birx said just a few days ago that it’s her belief that the official death count from this virus is 25% too high. Is that why Dr. Birx wasn’t included in Tuesday’s press conference?

Most Americans are ready to get back to work and get back to normal but that isn’t likely to happen any time soon, at least that’s what Dr. Fauci keeps saying. In the press conference today, Fauci said he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for children to return to school this fall despite the fact that there have been very few children affected.  He says that, until we have a vaccine, it wouldn’t be safe for children to return. He continues to warn of a second wave; does he know something we don’t?

Dr. Judy Mikovitz says Fauci is a liar and a criminal who stands to make a fortune on this vaccine! All of her recent video interviews have been taken down from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. disagreeing with Dr. Fauci and the official narrative is not allowed. Censorship is the new normal and the Sovietization of America is in full swing.

Not much has been said about the $7.4 million that Dr. Fauci sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology over a 5-year period ending in 2019. Why doesn’t someone ask him about it? Why were the tests sent out by the CDC contaminated with the virus? Why are tests giving false-positive results? The media and Trump continue to be Fauci’s and Birx’s biggest cheerleaders, and Gates is always referred to in glowing terms.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi’s new Bill in the House calls for $1200 stimulus checks to go to illegal immigrants, releasing more violent criminals from prisons, and she wants Democrat states to receive tax cuts. Meanwhile Trump is talking about more de-regulation, a new payroll tax for American workers, capitol gains for American businesses, and a much-needed infrastructure package that is long overdue.

Bobby Rush is the co-founder of the Black Panthers in Illinois and today is a Marxist posing as a Democrat Congressman from Illinois. He has been behind proposed gun control legislation and just recently sponsored House Resolution# 6666 that seeks $100 billion dollars for contact tracing” of COVID-19 patients. Who wrote this bill?

This money would be used to “hire an army of contact tracers who will be operating through schools, healthcare facilities and nonprofits who would “perform COVID-19 diagnostic testing through mobile health units and at individuals residences, and for other purposes” .  Hmm…what other purposes?

California, alone, will have 20,000 of these virus investigators spying on their citizen’s lives. This is not freedom, this is authoritarianism! If this sounds like a nightmare right out of “1984”, it is. Mobile units coming to your home; forcing you, your wife and your kids to go to a detention facility to be monitored and held indefinitely.

One company, “Partners In Health”, hired by the Governor of Massachusetts to do contact tracing is funded by Bill Gates and George Soros, and Chelsea Clinton is on the board of directors. You can’t make this stuff up!

Niamh Harris from reports that George Soros sees big opportunities during the COVID Virus and is calling this pandemic “the crisis of his lifetime” that Soros warned “we will not go back to where we were before the virus”.  Soros has pledged a billion dollars of his sizable fortune setting up a university network to push the climate change agenda and fighting nationalism. He calls it “the most important project of his life”.

Trump has allowed Bill Gates’ Medical Mafia to bring about the greatest financial disaster in American history and is presiding over a police state that gets worse by the day. The American people have gone from fear to anger over the failed leadership through this so-called crisis, and Trump’s continued faith in Dr. Fauci and his plan to lock us down indefinitely.

If you didn’t think it could happen in America, it’s already happening! Is this how they will treat Americans who refuse Bill Gates’s poisonous vaccine? Tyranny is at our door and if Trump isn’t in on this scam he had better do something NOW to stop this globalist agenda before it’s too late!

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