Patrick Little Appeals To Asians In California

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by Yojimbo, TBP

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Patrick Little is peeling off some of the Asian vote in California. Asians are regularly discriminated against in the Ivy League colleges in acceptance rates. They know this, and a lawsuit was filed against Harvard demanding to see their records. Little is brilliantly playing identity politics in an “intersectional” fashion by dropping red pills and pledging to end this unfair practice

Look at this image from Ron Unz’s article The Myth of American Meritocracy. Only at Caltech, which uses a race-blind admissions policy do Whites and Asians capture the expected number of entrance spots due to their merit and intelligence. At other colleges such as Harvard, Whites and Asians are vastly under-represented.

Do you think that Asians are aware of this inequity in the admission process? You better damn well believe they do. They play by the rules, achieve perfect SAT scores, a high GPA, and get screwed by the colleges. They are responding to Patrick Little’s candidacy and are supporting him.

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From the New York Times:

Asian-Americans Suing Harvard Say Admissions Files Show Discrimination

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A group that is suing Harvard University is demanding that it publicly release admissions data on hundreds of thousands of applicants, saying the records show a pattern of discrimination against Asian-Americans going back decades.

The group was able to view the documents through its lawsuit, which was filed in 2014 and challenges Harvard’s admissions policies. The plaintiffs said in a letter to the court last week that the documents were so compelling that there was no need for a trial, and that they would ask the judge to rule summarily in their favor based on the documents alone.

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The plaintiffs also say that the public — which provides more than half a billion dollars a year in federal funding to Harvard — has a right to see the evidence that the judge will consider in her decision.

Here Patrick speaks with a reporter from Japan’s oldest newspaper about Japanese internment camps in the US and anti-Asian discrimination that occurs at the nation’s top universities such as Harvard. (The sound is low, so you have to turn it up.)

Patrick Little is running as a Civil Rights Advocate (he is listed thus on the ballot) because he wants to end the discrimination that Asians and Whites face on a daily basis in the US when applying for college.

Please support Patrick on Tuesday at the polls on Tuesday.

Hit the streets, flyer your neighborhood if you live in Cali, and get everyone to the polls to support this Truth-teller.




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