PAUL BEDARD: Report: Border crisis ‘is over,’ Trump ‘is due credit.’

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While border apprehensions of illegal immigrants have reached a decade high, they did not hit the projected 1 million in 2019, leading experts to believe that the Trump administration has finally made good on its promise to stop the surge.

“The crisis is over,” said analyst Steven Kopits in a new report on the just-released fiscal year 2019 border crossing data.

Kopits, the president of Princeton Policy Advisors of Pennington, New Jersey, said the summer to fall drop in expected apprehensions followed the Trump administration’s success in getting Mexico and other Central American countries to help with the crisis.

“President Trump is due credit for the reduction in apprehensions,” said Kopits’s report, shared with Secrets.

He said that Trump’s “pressure” on Mexico to help stop the flood of migrants rushing through to the U.S. border “has led Mexico to take effective steps to prevent Central American migrant families from transiting to the U.S. border.”

U.S. officials, in announcing Customs and Border Protection data this week, said that the crisis is not over and by apprehending 851,507 on the southwest border, the numbers show that.

But Kopits noted that the number trailed off after the administration stepped up its efforts on the border, and they are having a significant impact in stopping the surge of illegal immigrants.

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