Paying taxes in Sweden doesn’t pay off – Angry Foreigner rants on Swedish Socialism

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Angry Foreigner on paying high taxes in #Sweden and what the Swedish people get back, which is essentially nothing. We have some of the highest taxes in the entire world and we can’t even take care of our own people – yet we’re praised globally for making socialism work.

Even though reality in Sweden – as well as economical scientist Arthur Betz Laffer – shows there is no correlation between high taxes and efficiency. Rather, there’s evidence to suggest high taxes only makes politicians spoiled. It’s not hard to spend money on welfare, but Sweden is using it’s welfare state to justify uneccessary decisions.

Why should we spend so many millions on feminism a lá gender studies, weird art and non-citizens – while people are dying in hospitals due to lack of resources? They say we have a high living standard and strong social security net, but something is fundamentally wrong in the socialist utopia of Sweden.


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