PCR tests. How they “work” and what you aren’t being told.

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Thats all you hear in the media…”new cases, new cases” blah blah blah. Well what is a case? what determines a case?….a test? what is this test and how is it conducted?

The PCR test. They obtain a specimen via swab. Then they extract RNA(ribonucleic acid) from that and convert to DNA.

Next this gets AMPLIFIED by PCR with specific primers.

Then they take the results and interpret them based on the presence of viral RNA.

Sounds legit right? Well heres the problem that you can see in their studies and charts regarding how much they’re amplifying it. The level of amplification is measured in cycles.

From their own studies and reports, the test is correct at up to 17 cycles. At an amplification of 27 cycles, the rate at which the test is correct drops to 65%. Once they do 33 cycles, now the test is only correct 20% of the time..

At 34 cycles, there is a 0% CHANCE THAT THE RESULT IS CORRECT.

With this information they did another study which took how much its being amplified and what day after you started showing symptoms you took the test. Up to 30 cycles, only being tested on the 3rd day you began showing symptoms, the test is correct 80%t of the time.

At 27 cycles on day 4, the test is correct 60% of the time.
At 17 cycles on day 5, the test is correct 33% of the time.
After day 6, there is a 0% chance the test is correct.

So why is this important? Why am I discussing this?
Even after the CDC did these studies and knows how much they amplify it(cycles) affects the results, and even though they know that when you get tested also affects the results…….they havent changed the tests.

Most PCR tests are being conducted at 40 cycles, some at 37. Im sure most of you can understand what this means.

Here is the link with the chart comparing Amplification(CT) and the accuracy of the test.


Here is the link with the chart showing Amplification and when the test is taken.

There are now scientists and doctors starting lawsuits around the world to make people aware of this.




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