Pelosi Gets Brutal News After Private Emails and Texts Catch Her In The Act

The grounds of the US Capitol Building felt like a movie set to many participants of the rally to support President Donald J. Trump on Jan 6th, 2021. Not only were the grounds littered with stacks and rows of folding chairs, but scaffoldings had also been constructed that reached the top of the Capitol building. Large machines for lifting heavy objects and construction had been left on the grounds, with the keys in the ignition.

It didn’t seem like anyone was concerned about the security of the Capitol grounds.

In fact, to some, it felt like a scene had been set for a presidential inauguration that everyone knew had been canceled because of COVID, and left in complete shambles as if no one in charge expected anyone at all to be at the Capitol building that day.

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Or perhaps it was all a trap?

One man roamed the grounds with a real pitchfork even, people rode the machines back and forth and up and down, and people roamed around on both sides of the building for hours and hours, unobstructed, without a word from any law enforcement.


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