Pelosi shouts “NO” 11 times after she’s asked to put vote-by-mail in a separate bill from economic relief

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The HEROES act bill that passed the House in May has legislation around Mail in voting which would change how it works today.

The legislation would amend the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to “prohibit states from requiring voter registration applicants to provide more than the last four digits of their social security numbers.”

The change would also apply for the next election and stay in place for future elections.

Under the proposal, any “electronic blank absentee ballots transmitted to qualified individuals” must have prepaid return postage. State governments are prohibited from “refusing to accept and process an absentee ballot from a qualified individual based on notarization or witness signature, paper type, or envelope type requirements.”

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The bill also addresses states that have voter identification requirements in place for in-person or mail voting.

“An individual may make a sworn written statement attesting to their identity to fulfill the identification requirement,” reads the legislation.



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