Pentagon corrects $331mn ‘accounting error,’ bills Saudis & UAE for refueling jets bombing Yemen

The Pentagon is clawing back hundreds of millions of taxpayer-subsidized dollars it gifted to Saudi Arabia and the UAE over a three-year period, when it ‘accidentally’ refueled their aircraft for free during their war on Yemen.

US Central Command is “in the process of seeking reimbursement from” the two countries for $331 million in fuel and flight hours, according to Pentagon spokeswoman Cmdr. Rebecca Rebarich. “Our partners have been individually notified about our intent to seek reimbursement, and have been given estimates as to how much they owe.”

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The decision “underscores the need for strong oversight of the Department of Defense,” said Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), whose Senate Armed Services Committee investigation uncovered what the Pentagon called an “accounting error” earlier this month, not long after the US and Saudi Arabia reached an agreement to end the midair refueling.

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The Pentagon’s failure to conduct even the most perfunctory accounting is no surprise – the agency failed its first-ever audit last month, one it admits it did not expect to pass. They have a history of wasting tens of billions of dollars, after all, if not trillions.


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