Pentagon Relocates US Army HQ from Seoul after 70+ years to $11 Bil. New Facility

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by Thinker

Easy to spend other peoples money for desires that don’t necessary serve the people, but a military industrial complex that has lost over $9 trillions dollars that can’t be found, and receives billions a year to continue to spend unnecessarily. The US Army’s headquarters in South Korea, located in the capital Seoul since the end of WWII, has moved to a $11bn base in the rural south – away from mass protest rallies and the North’s guns. The new United States Forces Korea (USFK) headquarters was opened on Friday at Camp Humphreys, a base near the town Pyeongtaek, about 70 kilometers (45 miles) south of Seoul, where the HQ was stationed for more than 70 years.

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USFK commander General Vincent Brooks said the relocation was: (REALLY?)…dquarters/

What do the Americans have to show for living under generations of “Deep State” but trillions in weapons, and military equipment that is only meant for wars and violence. What would the United States if those trillions were being spent in the USA? What will the Trump investigations find in the trillions that are still lost from the Pentagon and can’t be found? How many more bases can the American taxpayers support? How long before audits will be a yearly requirement for tax funded government organizations the milk the nation of billions? 800 military bases in other countries and now a new one in South Korea! Money to burn everywhere, but in the USA? Why does America need a wall on the border when there should be military bases from California to Texas?

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Why not burn those trillions to make a difference for the people who support the military industrial complex for weapons, wars, and never ending exercises that cost trillions. How long does the war game racket keep the world from recovery, peace, unity, and “LOVE?”


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