People are becoming increasingly more vicious towards the unvaccinated

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by Ricochet556

It just seems to be getting even crazier, is anyone else noticing this?

It started with mockery like “ok, have fun when you get covid then” but now I’m seeing more and more people calling for total segregation of “unvaccinated” people from society or even death in some extreme cases.

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Comments referring to them as “plague rats” or “scum” are receiving hundreds of upvotes on Twitter and reddit.

And the media is certainly feeding the flame. Is violence next?

All I can say is seeing how crazy these people are over my personal decision to not get an undertested dose of chemicals from a company that doesn’t give a shit about me and is protected from all liability (especially when we’re seeing thousands upon thousands of adverse reactions and even deaths from the jab) it just reinforces my belief that they’re totally plugged into the matrix and I’m definitely on the right side here.

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