People keep asking “Why is the MSM lying?!”

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by Longjumping_College

I’m here to show the are nothing more than companies owned by hedges funds used as a megaphone for their dirty deeds.

Hedge funds own the media, crash real companies into the ground impacting real people, they put politicians in office to keep laws away from their activities by spending hundreds of millions of dollars every 2 years and then create a multi billion dollar kickback scheme to their own MSM companies they own. All they gotta do is create a SPAC and confidentially donate to your hearts content.

They then spend the rest of the year using MSM to scam retail out of holdings by FUD. (Like the Fed blaming ‘meme stock’ articles or Evergrande mixed news)

For those curious, after reading the above article the $NYT somehow is 121% institutionally owned you’ll see everyone’s name in that pool

They polluted and corrupted every facet of the USA.


Sinclair broadcast group is 85.3% institutionally owned. everyone has their financial hands in this garbage

Newscorp (WSJ, Murdoch’s) is just as bad (98.98% institutional owned) Citadel has shares.

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Nexstar media group is also institutionally owned. (97.27%) Citadel with 450k of these.

Fox corporation are also owned by hedges (96.76٪ institutional) with State Street owning lots of shares, Citadel around a million.

MSNBC, CNBC, NBC are owned by Comcast which you guessed it, is institutionally owned (84.19%) State Street owning a lot of shares.

Banks own big chunks of them with these hedges.


Then a couple other hedge funds buy up the rest as they can from September

This one is from May

The purchase represents the culmination of Alden’s years-long drive to take over the company and its storied titles – including the Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, New York Daily News and major metro papers from Hartford, Conn., to Fort Lauderdale, Fla.


All with the interest of serving their current Holdings, a distressed debt scheme to make the company to go under, or simply to keep them from reporting their crimes as the SEC has admitted its hard to find crime unless others tell them and it’s not sexy basically

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Edit: just found an 80 page document on the SEC’s website talking about how the media (this uses Jim Cramer) and funds (Milken) coordinate and crush companies.



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