People should be free to make their own choice without being coerced. That means not using a person’s employment, education, and social life as leverage to enforce compliance.

by jackcons

  • The decision to not vaccinate impacts those around you

Not with these vaccines, and in the United States this point ignores natural immunity.

We were told that the vaccines were >90% effective at preventing infection. Many of us held off because we have seen decades of corruption in the pharmaceutical industry and wanted to see how well it works in the general population before taking it ourselves.

Now efficacy against infection is dropping dramatically over time – this study from the New England Journal of Medicine puts efficacy against infection at 20% after 5 months. The pressure from vaccine mandates globally increases as their efficacy against infection drops. This does nothing to inspire confidence in those who were holding off to see how well they worked.

The bar to meet for education, employment, and a social life is now at 20% protection. Many have had covid – including myself. The protection gained from a prior infection is almost certainly equal to or greater than protection gained from the vaccine alone. The red cross has proved that antibody tests can be done on a large scale – anyone that wants to use a positive antibody test in lieu of a vaccine should be able to. As long as public policy ignores natural immunity, it will continue to ignore science.

The choice to vaccinate with a vaccine that has limited protection to others and is still in phase 3 should be left to the individual without coercion. Removing all potential from a person’s life by taking away their employment, education, and social life is coercion.

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Immunity from prior protection compared to vaccination:

Immunity from prior infection is long lasting and durable:



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