People Who ATTENDED Charlottesville Are Being Arrested

by Chris Black

One has already been sentenced to 5 years in prison for carrying a tiki torch 6 years ago.

There is no single article on this so I’ll give a quick tl;dr:

>From left, Tyler Bradley Dykes, Will Zachary Smith and Dallas Medina

>The three were charged with burning an object with the intent to intimidate, a felony

>Tyler Bradley Dykes plead guilty and was sentenced to 5 years

>Will Zachary Smith plead guilty and will be sentenced in August

>Dallas Medina has not yet taken a plea deal

>the minimum sentence is 1 year and a maximum of 5 years

If you ask me, they  feel some events are going to happen soon which might inspire people to revolt, so as a precaution they’re cracking down hard on this in order to scare people out of it.

>Be black in America

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>Can form violent race mobs at your leisure

>Even when your mob chats “beat whitey”, then proceeds to attack whites at random, it’s not labelled a hate crime if anyone is arrested at all

>Local authorities give space to destroy

>Criminals are made into heroes

>Culture worships you for being valiant resistors of uh… something


>Be white

>Say it’s okay to be white

>Go to prison

How does anyone sincerely believe we live in a white supremacist country?



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