Pepper The Robot Becomes First Non-Human To Address The British Parliament In Over 700 Years Of Its Existence

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by Geoffrey Grider


British MPs made history today as they took evidence from a robot for the first time ever. Pepper the robot spoke to the education select committee on the rise of artificial intelligence and how UK schools should respond.

Everywhere you look, robot technology and AI is upon us and increasing daily. What was once considered far-fetched science fiction has become an everyday reality. From digital assistants in our homes, to AI we speak to in our vehicles, to the mobile devices carried now by nearly everyone, the robot age has arrived.

“And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” Revelation 13:15 (KJV)

This system of artificial intelligence, when fully realized, while culminate in what the Bible calls the Mark of the Beast. And the man who will be in charge of all of it will be the Antichrist.

FROM DAILY MAIL UK: It was the first time a non-human has been invited to speak to Parliament in its 700-year history. Pepper, who spoke in an American accent, is a humanoid robot based at the University of Middlesex.

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Education Select Committee chairman and Tory MP Robert Halfon invited the machine to speak to MPs after being impressed with her on a visit to the university.

Pepper the robot gives evidence in Parliament

Kicking off today’s session, Mr Halfon said: ‘Before we start I would like to give a a particularly warm welcome to our second panel this morning – it has attracted an unusually high level of interest for our education committee.

‘We have been asked quite a lot of questions as to why this has come about.

‘This is not the House of Commons education select committee auditioning for a sequel to the Matrix.’

He added:  ‘I visited Middlesex University a few months ago, a wonderful university, and was  incredibly impressed by what the staff and students were doing.

‘I thought it was a great opportunity  to showcase their work and the work of Pepper as part of our inquiry into the fourth industrial revolution and skills.

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‘Pepper’s appearance today is just one part of our inquiry which is looking into the implications of technological change on what should take place in the classroom.

‘Pepper, could you please introduce yourself?’


‘My name is Pepper and I am a resident robot at Middlesex University.’

Mr Halfon replied: ‘What  is your role at the university?’

Pepper the robot responded: ‘Another robot similar to me but with different software  is part of an international three year research project….it is developing the world’s first culturally aware robots aimed at assisting and caring for the elderly.

‘Assistive intelligent robots for older people could relieve pressure in hospitals and care homes as well as improve the  care delivery at home and promote the independent living for the elderly people.

‘In order for robots to be more acceptable told older people, its essential they can be programmed to adapt to diverse backgrounds. READ MORE


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