Perfect example of our lying media

This is the sh** that makes me livid in canada

This article from July 12th tells us all about some unknown threat to Toronto and that we should all stay vigilant. They pretend thats its a “vehicle ramming threat” because there was an actual vehicle ramming a few weeks prior.

But they don’t tell the public jack all about what that threat actually is when they full well know.

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Put it all together and what do you have? Throw in the rest of the story and what do you have then?

An i-sis terrorist plot to use carfent-inol on july 12th at the f-00 fighters concert that was busted by the rcmp.

Leaving the d forth shooter as the lone wolf with no brother, no mates, a foiled plan, no money, and lots of anger

Insert d forth shooting, a suicide bomb and the thrill finally getting to kill

Canada makes me sick, the prime minister makes me sick, and the media makes me sick.



h/t Citronella


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