Perhaps There Were Very Good Reasons for Why History Tells Us That Universal Suffrage is a Bad Thing

by Chris Black

The reason why male property owners were the only ones allowed to vote  back in the day was to prevent the situation we have now, where millions of government renters on the take vote to preserve the welfare system and more handouts.

Also, women not being able to vote is not a new thing.

 Are we supposed to erase thousands of years of history, because less than 100 years of allowing it is “right”?

It is pretty apparent that allowing women in power positions, and being able to vote has not created the utopia those actions were promised.

 By nature women are emotional creatures. Their emotion overrides logic, leading to poor decisions. 

There are women capable of running companies and making better decisions than some men. 

However, as a whole that is not the case. 

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Today we act as if without slavery, Africa would be the most technologically advanced continent on Earth. 

Blacks would be colonizing space, if it weren’t for whites taking them from their homes. 

This completely ignores all facts about Africa, and even the nature of the slave trade. Did you know there were white slaves? Did you know the slave trade was global and has been going on since the dawn of time?

 It even still goes on today.

The entire leftist narrative is trying to destroy one dangerous idea, that individual people are capable of creating their own destiny without the need of a centralized system.

 Without that system, there is no need for what the left stands for, so they have no purpose.

 What do most villains search for? Purpose. Purpose at all cost.


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