Person Of Interest – Marilou Danley – Revisiting Police Scanner During The Las Vegas Massacre – New Shocking Information.

by Ruby Henley
I watched a video on YouTube by “NothingIfNotIntense” published on February 15, 2018.  This investigative journalist has found new information, which begs to be acknowledged.  It has to be considered as evidence, as it is police scanner recordings from the night of October 1, 2017.
We will be discussing several of these videos, which go to the very heart of this investigation.  In one you will hear “Asian female ran from us from the 6th floor parking garage” and “in Mandalay parking garage we have the female who is involved.”
Please start at: 7:00 –

You will hear the following:
“Asian female ran from us from the 6th floor parking garage” and “in Mandalay parking garage we have the female who is involved.”
I believe the Asian female on the 6th floor parking garage was Marilou Danley….then they say, “we have the female who is involved”…this must be her.  She was the person of interest.  Further, Paddock has all her cards, and her car was at the Mandalay…think about it.

Next we have a very shocking video, and you will want to listen to the whole thing….it is mind boggling the amount of lies which have been told.

Please refer to the following:
“18:50 – Security officer w/shot leg tells cops on the 32nd floor stairwell that he got shot on the 29th floor. Cop reports confirmation of 2 shooters. Wants team to check out 29th floor.”
“Active shooter multiple victims – security taking fire from suspect on 29th floor.”
We are told that Jesus Campos was shot on the 29th floor.  Cop reports confirmation of 2 shooters!  They actually took fire from the 29th floor of the Mandalay Bay.   This changes the whole story.
Photo of Danley’s car came from Laura Loomer at:
Stephen Paddock was an IRS agent, then worked for Lockheed Martin and NASA. He was involved in a Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) team to study spacecraft for Mars missions, working out of the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.
He has not worked since 1988 (1993?) but is worth approximately $5 million. He was a licensed pilot (since 2003) and owned 2 planes.

Further Paddock worked for Space Shuttle booster maker Morton-Thiokol a predecessor of Lockheed Martin from 1985 to 1988. Morton-Thiokol’s O-ring component on a booster rocket was later found to be at fault for the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986.
As you can see Stephen Paddock was no run-of-the-mill gambler.  Also, it has recently been revealed by court records, his estate is worth 5 million, so that rules out what Lombardo said about depression due to losing money.
Below you will see what Sheriff Lombardo originally said:
“Las Vegas police said they don’t believe Paddock acted alone in orchestrating America’s deadliest mass shooting.
Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of Clark County is leading the investigation into Sunday’s attack and said the sheer volume of weapons, careful planning and discovery of explosives pointed to the fact that “he had to have some help”.
“You look at the weapon obtaining, the different amounts of Tannerite (explosives) available, do you think this was all accomplished on his own?” Sheriff Lombardo said.
“On face value, you’ve got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point, and we want to ensure that that’s the answer.”
Police have uncovered almost 50 weapons and stockpiles of ammunition from the hotel room as well as Paddock’s homes.
“Maybe he’s a super guy that was working this all out on his own, but it would be hard for me to believe that,” the sheriff said.
“Here’s the reason why: Put two and two together. Another residence in Reno with several firearms, electronics and everything else associated with large amounts of ammo, a place in Mesquite, we know that he had a girlfriend. Do you think this is all self-facing? An individual, without talking to somebody, just sequestered among themselves? I mean, come on folks.”
Now lets talk a little bit about Marilou Danley’s background.  In the beginning of the story, NEWSWEEK reported some controversial information on Danley, which shockingly was retracted.  I now believe the information was correct, but someone did not want it out.  I believe Marilou Danley is being protected by authorities, as she was involved as a possible CIA plant.  
Danley was a 20 year resident of Australia and had lived in Nevada since 2003. Australian media reports claim Marilou Danley as an Australian citizen who lived in the Gold Coast, Queensland; but they also say that she lived in Reno, Nevada for 22 years. How did she get a visa to stay for so long? Her LinkedIn profile claims she was a High Limit Hostess at the Atlantis in Reno from 2010-2013
Stephen Paddock used Marilou Danley’s ID to check into his suite at the Mandalay Bay. This seems strange because as a high roller gambling 6-figure amounts, he would have had his suite comped by his casino host.  There is no explanation why he had all of Danley’s cards that night.  Why did he not use his own?  This is another indication Danley was there on the night of the massacre.
Plus Danley had attended the Route 91 Harvest event previously, in 2014, staying in the same casino. In 2014, Danley checked into the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and attended the 2014 version of the same concert where the massacre took place, the Route 91 Harvest country music festival.  
Danley does not seem like the kind of woman to let a man push her around.  She plays sweet and naïve, but I do not believe she is.  She knows how to handle herself in the world, as she travels and travels all over the world.  I believe she very well could have been a child trafficker or even assisted Paddock in his sexual escapades.  It is said that even after she left Geary Danley, they partied with him.
Plus, travel records obtained by ABC News showed that she had traveled to the Philippines initially on September 15, before traveling to Hong Kong on September 22, before finally returning to Manila a week before the massacre. Why did she travel to Hong Kong? This should be known, as it indicates to me she was not the naïve girlfriend being sent off, so Paddock could do his dirty deed.
I do not believe Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines for Danley to buy a new home…I believe it was part of some type of deal.
It is strange that NEWSWEEK initially published that Marylou Danley had used two different social security numbers, and had three different names.  They did retract it, but I believe it was because of threats from authorities in Las Vegas.
Further, I find the following very suspicious:
“After Paddock’s mass murder made global headlines and Nevada Police issued a BOLO alert for Marilou, Reynaldo called his sister.
He told the US ABC TV Network that Marilou told him, “You just relax, we shouldn’t worry about it. We’ll make things right. Our consciences are clear. Don’t panic. I’ll fix this, you all don’t have to worry.”
Mr Bustos told ABC: “I didn’t get the feeling that she was scared or surprised or anything like that. She was very relaxed when she said this to me.”
Now, why was Marilou not surprised?  Strange…very strange.  She should have been hysterical.
Marilou became an Australian citizen, and in 1989 she and her then-teenage daughter moved to the US.  In 1990, Marilou married Memphis auditor Geary Danley.  Marilou sure got around.
Geary and Marilou’s marriage ended in 2013 and she met high rolling gambler Stephen Paddock, reportedly at Club Paradise in Reno, Nevada where he owned a house.  
I just want to say that Marilou Danley is not who she portrays herself to be.
Now I want to point out a very interesting fact about Stephen Paddock’s father.  First of all, Paddock’s father was involved in Operation SOLO.  Operation SOLO was a long-running FBI program to infiltrate the Communist Party of the United States and gather intelligence about its relationship to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, China, and other communist nations. It officially began in 1958 and ended in 1977, although Morris and Jack Childs, two of the principal agents in the operation, had been involved with the Bureau for several years prior.  Here is the document which proves Stephen Paddock’s father’s involvement in this Operation.

Now that we have learned that Benjamin Hoskins Paddock was involved in Operation Solo, which involved him with the FBI.
A book was written about this operation, and you can buy it at
“Operation Solo is America’s greatest spy story. For 27 years, Morris Childs, code name “Agent 58”, provided the United States with the Kremlin’s innermost secrets.  Repeatedly risking his life, “Agent 58” made 57 clandestine missions into the Soviet Union, China, Eastern Europe, and Cuba. Because of his high ranking in the American communist party and his position as editor of its official paper, the Daily Worker, he was treated like royalty by communist leaders such as Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and Mao Tse-tung. Through first-hand accounts, Operation Solo tells the story of the conflicts within the FBI and American intelligence about the operation, and how the FBI, through extraordinary measures, managed to keep that operation hidden from everyone, including the CIA. “
Interesting to say the least.  Stephen Paddock was doomed from his childhood.  The following has to be considered:

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  1. His father was involved in one of the greatest spy stories of all time – Operation Solo.
  2.  Thus, Stephen Paddock had a potential FBI connection through his father.
  3.  Stephen Paddock worked on top secret projects for most of his adult life.

The above may have a connection to Stephen Paddock’s part played on the night of October 1, 2017p. Most likely he was an undercover FBI agent involved in some type of Operation himself.  He left an estate of five million dollars, and he had to be involved in some high end operations of some sort.  However, he did not act alone, and Marilou Danley is certainly a part of the whole tragic massacre.


29 thoughts on “Person Of Interest – Marilou Danley – Revisiting Police Scanner During The Las Vegas Massacre – New Shocking Information.”

    • Without a doubt the chick was his partner to assist in laundering money for a gubermint agency! No one gambles for decades and dies with 5 Mil in da Bank. Someone claimed she had 2 Muslim sons in Australia also. That would explain the ME trips they took. Of course it could be other agency/laundering work also.

      • I honestly believe she is a spook. I found documentation in which a spook sponsored her immigration to the US. i believe it is authentic, but I honestly was afraid to name the man.

        • Remember there is a good chance that John Brennan and more than a couple more of the globalist scum are Muslims also. And I would assume if Paddock is laundering hundreds of thousands if not millions at a time, they’d give him another person as a back up and watch dog to [protect him and make sure he stays straight. What a better cover than an ole man and a hot Asian chick as a couple!

          • I truly believe Paddock…the elder…was a spook until he got out of hand.
            Of course, that would have been the perfect cover. Brennan is definitely a Muslim and an evil man.

          • I know how busy you are, but I recommend you sign up to receive Jihad Watch on the net. All you have to do is just read the headlines of the articles and u will see how the Satan is usin it to obtain his goals of establishing the NWO.

          • It is so obvious, NO one could NOT see it if they are NOT blinded by Satan. Do you notice my occasional comments under Mac-101? I have been banned by them a few times in the past. I believe THEY wanted to keep the “Our Elites are so Ignorant, THEY do NOT see the Evils of Islam” explanation goin. It is NOW unavoidable that the Globalist have chosen Islam as the control Religion of the Beast’s NWO!

    • If you stand back far enough you can see how the media first put a clamp on the shooting quickly, then started Paddock weirdo stories a bit later. This is a classic example of a massive cover up where ALL the media is jumping aboard the Paddock guilty angle. All those videos and witnesses attesting to multiple firing points and shooters, many at ground level, have been whitewashed completely from the narrative by the MSM. It’s shocking to me, and disheartening also, that so many Americans are clueless about the testimony of the very people they pretend to have such “sympathy” for, condemning anyone who questions the official story as “causing trouble”! So Paul Revere was “causing trouble”? To me it is honoring the dead by going after the REAL truth behind their killings, not cowering behind some “official” credo and accepting a patsy as the sacrificial lamb without question!

      • Yes, tom, to stand back and hear the police scanner….then read what Lombardo said in the beginning is shocking. I think when the FBI entered the picture, they changed the narrative and took over. There is no doubt there is a massive cover-up, and all we can do is to continue to investigate..

      • I still stand by my original assessment that it was a Gubermint sting/action that went south and the people they were framing turned the tables on them and Jesus was Paddock’s muscle. Just he got out alive while Paddock did NOT. Other than that, who knows the truth. We will find out once we hear the REAL story on JFK!

    • Nowhere, but to satisfy our curiosity. Nothing will be done about any of it. Nothing will be done about Clinton, After I heard of the Mueller indictments of Russians, I just shut down. It is too late for us now.

      • Cheer up Ruby…..the worst is yet to come……!!! I can feel it in my bones…..we’re being set up for something really huge this year….and mass shootings are not it. The Florida pretend mass shooting was very conveniently held in the BSO territory. The mafia rules Broward County for decades and who rules the mafia….the CIA…. this was all a done deal….ever notice how cookie cool Israel was in any of his interviews? It’s because he’s an actor. I knew this guy when I lived in Davie, Fla which is in the BSO jurisdiction. 20 years or more ago he was a real jerk and it did not surprise me to learn that he was now sheriff. He was a real arse kisser then and just graduated to a higher level of arse kissing now that he is sheriff.
        And now they want to demolish the building….how quaint is this? Just like the Twin Towers pulled down so no one could properly investigate. They will probably build a REALLY huge building now with gold faucets to help the kiddies get over this stunt. I lived in that BSO county for 25 years so I know just what for shenanigans they can come up with. I guess some local contractor has already been given the contract to demolish and rebuild by now. That is a VERY corrupt county.

    • Sallie, I am very depressed about the state we find ourselves in. I will continue to report, but honestly the only chance we have of deliverance from these evils is God.

  1. All we know is that in these shooting that they are highly politicized and that we are being lied to. After these shootings, left wing elements of our government call for us to disarm and so does the corporate media. Before a nation turns into a communist hell hole leftist elements in the government always trick the population into giving up their firearms.


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