Pete Buttigieg suspended his campaign under the direction of the DNC in effort to build the most possible momentum around Biden. The DNC has shown time and time again that it does not want Bernie to win the nomination

The winner of Iowa Buttigeg drops out along with Klobuchar. Its clear the Democrat Establishment hasn’t learned its lesson about rigging the primaries

Why drop out 1 day before Super Tuesday? That just screams rigging for Biden. Biden is by far the weakest candidate running for President. Buttigeg won Iowa. Sanders won the other two states. It took Biden 32 years to win one state running for President. Rumor has it that Obama called Biden and congratulated him on his win. Thats when the fix was in. As soon as Obama made a move the DNC told Butigeg and Klobouchar to drop out. They need Bloomberg in “to make it look like its still a race and a alternative to Biden”. Tulsi might have dropped out if Hillary didn’t piss her off. So that leaves like 5 candidates to make it look like a race.

But Butigeg and Klobuchar dropping out is a huge red flag for me. They also tried to give Biden free press with Trump’s Impeachment. They tried to make Biden into a victim of the big scary orange man investigating a political enemy. That failed so now Obama has to step in and tell the other two candidates two drop out.

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