Peter Sweden: Facebook censorship…Paul Joseph Watson, Milo, Loomer BANNED

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LAURA LOOMER – “They want to KILL US!” – BEGS The Donald for Help in TOTAL VAIN

As much as I dislike Jones, and am not a big fan of Loomer, they shouldn’t be silenced.

I can’t stand Farrakhan, but he should not be censored.

We all can make our own choices about who we will listen to and who we don’t want to hear.

When the Social Media platforms remove these people, the are making people have no choice but to listen to them and their lying narratives.

When there is something or someone I don’t like on Social Media, I block them or I don’t click on their videos or posts.

That should be enough for everyone, but apparent some are too stupid to ignore things they don’t agree with.

If they succeed with banning conservative voices, you better believe they will ban Christians next.

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