PG&E has amazingly coincidental timing with this latest fire and the planned power shutdown.

by deadfallpro

For those not familiar, PG&E is the private utility company who operates the grid for most of California. They have ignored maintenance for years and have a well documented history of causing disasters and killing their customers. They even inspired the film Erin Brockovich with their negligence and a coverup.

Recently, PG&E was subject to massive fines after being found responsible for the Camp Fire ) the deadliest wild land fire in state history, with a total of 85 deaths and over 19,000 destroyed homes and structures.

In response, there was a high wind alert and PG&E thought their best course of action was not to send out crews to monitor worrisome spots, but instead to kill power to most of Northern California.

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There were no fires and the wind was not very severe. It was a complete over reaction. They have since threatened the state and their customers with continued blackouts for the next decade. PG&E has been the subject of severe ridicule over their handling of the incident.

There was another warning for this Thursday, the 24th. Almost at the exact time the shutoff was to begin a massive wild fire has broken out right in the middle of they Area they predicted shut offs.

I am not usually one for conspiracy, but it seems very suspicious that a fire broke out just as PG&E was going to be implementing a shutdown. It is completely possible and plausible that a company with their past and recent history might start a fire in order to justify their actions and remove some of the pressure from state lawmakers and regulators.

I just hope that the cause of this current fire is thoroughly investigated and that no more lives are lost to or destroyed by this company and its share holder’s bottom line.



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