Pilots Shut Down Southwest in Response to Vax Mandate, Media Says That Didn’t Happen

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by Chris Black

Legacy media keeps claiming that Southwest Airlines flight shutdowns over the weekend were not the result of pilots walking out opposing the vax mandate.

However, this is exactly what that was.

Tucker Carlson even interviewed a pilot saying that’s what that was:

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We’re at that point where censorship is so bad, that presstitute media can make any claim, regardless of how outrageous and fake it is, because there are zero checks on them and they can do whatever they want.

Southwest blamed the weather, and yet somehow they were the only airline that was shut down.

Then, they blamed Biden:

Another lie. There is no federal vaccine mandate. There’s no executive order, no federal regulation.

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It was a press release.

Most people won’t ever know it is happening at all.

However, a three day “sick out” from drivers would collapse this country.


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