Pipeline! Bitcoin, Gold, Home Prices and S&P 500 Zoom After Fed’s Covid-Stimulus, Commercial Real Estate Not So Much

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by confoundedinterest17

The Federal Reserve is acting like a pipeline for fuel to asset prices.

Since the Covid outbreak and shutdowns damaged markets in March, the opening of The Fed’s pipeline to financial markets (orange line) has seen Bitcoin, gold (initially), the S&P 500 index all rose while the US Dollar ((green) declined.

On the real estate front, office values (blue line) have declined thanks to the Covid shutdowns, the NAREIT index rose initially with Fed stimulus then flattened out. Home prices (Case-Shiller) have keep on rockin’ with Fed stimulus.

CMBX S6 BBB- crashed with Covid shutdowns but flattened-out with Fed stimulus.

Let’s hope financial markets don’t suffer a wipeout.




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