Pity the fool who believes the fact-checkers…

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Quote:Invasion of the Fact-Checkers
Who are you going to believe, the Democratic Party’s new official-unofficial, public-private monopoly tech platform censorship brigade, or your misinformed, disinformed eyes?

In the past five years, a cadre of fact-checkers has marched through the institutions of journalism and installed itself in the U.S. media as a privatized, quasi-governmental regulatory agency. What’s wrong with facts, you say? Fueled by a panic over misinformation, the fact-checking industry is shifting the media’s primary obligation away from pursuing the truth and toward upholding vague notions of public safety, which it gets to define. In the course of this transformation, journalists are being turned into rent-a-cops whose job is to enforce an official consensus that is treated as a civic good by those who benefit from—and pay for—its protection.

Yeah this is more fallout from the Hunter Biden laptop lies.

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Who watches the watchers?



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See also  D'Souza's "2000 Mules" Sends "Fact Checkers" into Panic Mode

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